Teach Struggling Readers to Love the Story

In another post I talked at length about encouraging struggling readers. My goal was to get readers to love, like – or at least, not hate reading.

I gave many tips. Please take a few minutes to read it over if you haven’t already.

One bit of advice I gave was to focus on the story. Find fun tales that will spark their interest in fiction, fantasy, escaping into another world, etc. Talk about how an author paints a compelling scene, the voices, tension, and funny elements.

Getting a child to appreciate books and the work of great authors is a huge step in forming the love of reading in a child. It may also take their minds off of the choppy, slow, and sometimes painful reading sessions. Focus on the story!

Sometimes you need to step away from actually reading in order to do this.

I’d like to offer up a great title that will do just that – this will be especially helpful with male reluctant readers.

The Audio Version of The Maze Runner

maze runner audio CD

This titles is best for ages 12 to 14 and up. There are some tense and violent scenes.

We listened to this story while on a looooooong driving trip to Mount Rushmore. I was so flabbergasted at the narrator, Mark Deakins! This guy is beyond talented. The story is about a large group of boys living in a strange maze – they are all boys! (OK, there is one girl but, shhhh. No spoilers) I knew who Deakins was portraying even before he added the name tag.

The book is exciting and perfect for boys. I kept saying things like, “This book is great.” “This author is so talented.” “He wrote some very descriptive scenes. I can picture it in my mind clearly.” Focusing on the BOOK.

In my opinion, don’t read along with a paperback or hardcover – enjoy the tale and Mark Deakins’ outstanding narration.

If you are interested, this title has a Lexile of HL770L.

Let’s get those reluctant readers into books! Audio books are a great way to show fiction is amazing!

~ Jenna

FYI – I’m a mom and not a teacher or reading specialist. These are my opinions.

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