One Struggling Reader and His Kindle

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Look what we bought the Kiddo. A Kindle!

kindle with special offers


I’m sure he wanted this primarily so he could show off at school. Some of his classmates got Nooks for Christmas. I said I’d be happy to buy him a Kindle but it would be the basic, no frills, no Internet, made for READING, Kindle.

He loves it.

Kindle are great for struggling readers. You can read all my reasons HERE.

The first book we purchased for his new device was Monster by Walter Dean Myers. It has a reading level of 670L or Grade Level Equivalent of 7.1.

Monster Walter Dean Myers

He is already 25% into and enjoying it very much.

~ Jenna

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2 Responses to One Struggling Reader and His Kindle

  1. avatar vicki morlan says:

    My grandson is in the 3rd grade. He is doing good in science and social studies but struggles in reading and math. I know that it is his struggle with reading and comprehending that is causing him to struggle in these subjects. He is such a bright little boy and we want so much to help him. Can you send me all you can , I have written down some of the books that you suggest, I don’t understand the way they are rated, can you help me on that? 90L 180L under 290L is the higher the number the easier the book or how does it go? Thank you

    • avatar Jenna says:

      Hi Vicki – the ones with the lower number are easier. If you oh to the website you can find hundreds or thousands of books with these measurements given.

      Good luck. I have another post “Encouraging Young Struggling Readers” that has LOTS of tips.

      Good luck to you and the little guy! :-)


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