Can Green Tea Cause Joint Pain?

I am conducting a small experiment. In December of 2010 I started experiencing joint pain in my arms – mostly my right elbow, wrist and fingers. I am right handed so I’m assuming these hurt most since I use these most. I type, text and scroll on my iPhone with one hand, etc. My hobbies are center around writing, surfing, blogging. etc. The rest of my body ached – my bones really hurt. I felt as though I had been hit by a bus.

I know there are a lot of things that can cause joint pain and body aches – getting older (gasp), too much exercise, too little exercise, illness, the weather, etc.

The only thing that I could pinpoint that had changed in my life recently (besides getting older) was the fact that I gave up Mt. Dew. I still drink coffee in the morning. I decided to give up Mt. Dew because I need to lose weight, drink more water, and just take better care of myself.

Was it the lack of Mt. Dew causing the joint pain? That’s weird. I didn’t want to experience a lot of caffeine withdrawal so I decided to drink iced green tea in the afternoon. This contains less caffeine – it has about 25 to 30 mg versus 54 mg in Mt. Dew.

In case you’re interested, here is a great resource for Caffeine Content in Drinks.

I Googled, trying to find sources of joint pain. Interestingly enough, caffeine withdrawal can case some nasty issues of its own. I read forum post after forum post of people who practically needed prescription painkillers to help them get through their vow to give up caffeine.

But I wasn’t giving up caffeine – just Mt. Dew. I hadn’t experienced any headaches or other withdrawal symptoms.

Could it be the green tea? Can green tea cause pain in joints? I Googled some more. Funny thing was I found many, many articles stating the opposite. “Tea is good for you. It cuts down on inflammation and is recommended by doctors for people with Arthritis or Lupus.”

I kept Googling. Stranger still – I found other people around the Internet asking this same question – Can green tea be causing my joint problems? After every single one of them, people responded, “No. Tea is an anti-inflammatory. It will help your joint pain.”

But why were people asking? Why was I asking? There had to be some credibility behind this thought. If four or five people took the time to post this question on the Internet, how many others were wondering the same thing? How many other people were reading these posts, then walking away thinking – It can’t be the tea.

MY EXPERIMENT – I drank my last glass of iced green tea in early February, ’11 and I’ll be darned if I am no longer having any joint pain.

*   I first day after stopping, I felt pretty good. I noticed things were looking up.

*   A few days after that – fine, fine, fine. Great even. My right arm was fine. My elbow, wrist and fingers did not have any pain or tingling.

In my opinion, drinking green tea can cause joint pain!! I’m convinced of it. In early February my right wrist hurt so badly I had to put an ice pack on it – twice. I was about to find the OTC pain meds. I could barely hold my Kindle, had a rough time opening a jar of sauce, etc.

Since I’ve stopped drinking this beverage all of that is gone. You tell me – was it the green tea?

I plan to continue the experiment. Since I was using the Lipton tea bags – with lemon and ginseng – it’s possible I may be allergic to green tea or these ingredients. I hate to blame tea in general when it is really just an allergy. I will try different kinds of teas and see how they affect me.

Are you experiencing joint pain? Are you drinking green tea for weight loss? Do you think it’s because of tea?

** Please note, I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice, it’s a random blog post. Please use caution when starting or stopping any food or medication.

Update April 27, 2011: It’s been months since my last glass of green tea. I am no longer experiencing ANY joint pain. I am able to drink Celestial Seasons (spelling?) green tea without issues.

Update Number Two September 16, 2011: Stacy, a blog visitor found this useful information – “Jenna, I thought you might be really interested in this info. I talked to a manager at Teavana, the store I was telling you about. I told them how sick I felt after drinking some of their teas. She said oolong, Japanese green, black, and many herbal teas are fermented. That process can cause body pain for many people because fermentation causes inflammation! She, herself, has rueumatoid arthritis and can only drink white, Chinese green, or rooibus tea without feeling sick. These teas are not fermented, are low in tannins, aide in digestion and are anti-inflammitory.” Thank you Stacy!!

Hey – it’s April 11, 2013 and I’ve found another tea that I like. Good Earth Original Tea. Love it. No joint pain with this one.

~ Jenna

If you were helped by this blog post consider leaving a product review on Not only do many people shop on Amazon for food and supplements, Amazon ranks very high in Google searches. If you leave a review on the product you drank or took that caused the pain, others will see it.

I think this will be a good way to spread the word about green tea and joint pain.

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219 Responses to Can Green Tea Cause Joint Pain?

  1. avatar Jacquotte says:

    This is interesting. I had Valley Fever a few years ago, which is a fungal infection of the joints native to Arizona, and it wasn’t fun. I thought my knees were going bad or something. Looking forward to the followup report.

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  3. avatar tony c says:

    WOW, came across this read accidentally, exactly what happened to you is happened to me arms, shoulders, hands, fingers sleeping in pain … I drank green tea china made twenty years my wife passed away jan 2010, she purchased it for me and i purchased green tea in green bottles sam’s club. my daughter bought me lipton green and lipton antioxident tea past few monthe and BADA BING… total pain… from this moment on no more tea,,, strange also I juice fresh strawberries ,bananas,PAST FEW MONTHS got me wondering will let U know ,,THANKS

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      It’s amazing isn’t it? Please stop back and let us know how things go. I felt improvement within 24 hours.

      ~ Jenna

      • avatar Julie says:

        Are your symptoms still relieved? I just went surfing for info after having a light go on after months of intermittent joint pain and symptoms almost identical to yours as described. Tonight you have supported my hope that it is the green tea causing the pain. (I am usually a coffee drinker) I guess I will know shortly. I am hoping you are still doing well.

        • avatar JAScribbles says:

          Hi Julie – yes, my symptoms are still gone. I have been able to drink Celestial Seasonings (?) green tea without issue.

          One other thing that could be causing some issues is nightshade vegetables. Peppers, chilies, etc… You’ll have to look them up to see all the varieties. I’ve heard these can cause joint pain. I do notice some achiness after eating spicy Hunan Beef.

          Good luck – check back in and let me know if you have any relief after stopping the green tea.

          ~ Jenna

          • avatar NK says:

            I used to drink green tea every day 2-3 cups and every eveing used to get the worst foot cramps, never thought it was the causing it, was told it was ny lack of drinking water, so I started drinking water consiously, which made me feel full so I was drinking less tea and some days no tea. I stopped getting cramps and I thought it was beacuse I was drinking water, until recently a friend good me great oolong tea which I used to drink few years ago, sure enough I started getting foot cramps again. I’m convinced it is the green tea causing my cramps. I still love teh tea so will have at least 1 cup a day and see how goes, if I still get them will have to stop completely.

          • avatar JAScribbles says:

            Hi NK – try white tea…. see if you can drink that without the aches and pains coming back.

            Thanks for stopping!


  4. avatar Tavia Thomas says:

    I arrived here after a Google search of “tea and joint pain.” I gave up coffee several months ago and began drinking hot tea instead–white, black, green. I’ve recently started going to a chiropractor for joint and back pain, and he tells me I have a lot of inflammation in my body. It occurred to me that the onset of my pain correlates with my switch to tea. I also recall my mother saying years ago that she can’t drink tea because it made her joints hurt. We just dismissed her claim, thinking that she was just overly imaginative. But, now I am not so sure! In researching of this question, I have read about concerns that tea is high in fluoride (white tea, not as much), possibly leading to skeletal fluorosis, of which joint pain is a symptom. At this point, I am convinced that stopping my tea drinking for awhile is worth a try!

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Check back and let us know what happens. I have been off Lipton tea since my post and feel great. I can green Celestial Seasons tea without issue.

      (I’m also experimenting with carbinated pop – I seem to feel icky, down and depressed after drinking pop. I only have it once in a while but when I do it’s not good. Very odd.)

      Good luck.

  5. avatar aleseia says:

    I always experience lower back pain and wrist pain when I drink green tea, always. i have no doubt green tea, for some reason, causes that pain. No doubts.

  6. avatar Joe says:

    Very curious. Many studies have shown it’s great for you and many have shown just the opposite. My guess is many of the studies done where motivated by money so results will be skewed. However, your story has some merit in that I have been having joint pain since I began drinking coffee in the AM for work. I was going to try tea instead and see what happens. I will still try the tea and see if there are any changes. As for the person who had some green tea from China. Be careful of what you buy from China. especially food. They tend to have a very serious problem with quality control and many just don’t care if what they put into something is harmful or not. So you may have drank contaminated tea.

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  8. I love Arizona green tea. I try to drink that instead of soda because I’m cutting down, very slowly, on drinks that aren’t great. And you know, dammed if I haven’t been having wrist issues (and sometimes ankle/feet issues like stiffness). They’ve stopped somewhat recently, but for a while my wrist was hurting like crazy just like yours. It was hard to hold my reader, it hurt to press the button and flick to the next page of the book.

    I play a lot of handheld video games, so I figured it was too much of that. But it comes and goes and I keep playing my games pretty regularly. The wrist pain is mostly gone now, and I realize with your post that I haven’t had much green tea the past two weeks. There was a time I had a cup every day. I think that was when the joint pain was at its worst.

    Hmm. This might need further investigation. Wouldn’t that be horrible and strange if green tea was causing the joint issues?

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      I swear I haven’t had *any* pain in my arms, wrists or fingers since I stopped drinking the Lipton’s. It sounds like you use your wrist the most in a repeating fashion… so it makes sense that that body part would ache.

      Try drinking the tea for a week and see what happens. Then stop.

      If the pain is there switch to a new brand.

      I brew a couple of bags of the Celesital Seasons in a large glass measuring cup. I then add ice, pour it in a glass with more ice, and drink it cold. I don’t drink this everyday but I am able to tolerate it without issue.

      Good luck!

      ~ Jenna

  9. avatar Terry says:

    I had been an iced tea drinker for a number of years. I started having those pain issues and noticed I was ok when I didn’t drink iced tea. So, I gave up iced tea and have been pain-free since. My son is a construction worker, he recently started having those joint pains. he would get a “Big gulp” of iced to take with him. I told him my findings. He doesn’t have that issue any more.
    Last week, a coworker was telling me about his young daughter missing school because she was in pain. I was curious. so I shared my findings with him. He says his daughter loves iced tea. This week, his daughter hasn’t complained of joint pain.
    I still want to enjoy a hot tea. I’m ready to try hot brewed tea…

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Wow Terry – those are amazing stories. Hopefully this post and comments like yours will help people.

      ~ Jenna

  10. avatar Kelly says:

    I’m so glad to find this post. I have tried drinking green tea daily several times to try and help with weight loss. Every single time, the joints in my hips, knees, and arms started aching really bad and I had major stiffness. I felt like I had advanced arthritis. When I stop, all the pain and stiffness goes away. I wish I knew the medical reason but I have a feeling if I ask a doctor they would think I was crazy!

  11. avatar Dan says:

    Same experience – heavy green tea drinker (4+ cups a day). I suspect it is the fluoride. I have had serious trigger finger issues (difficulty bending finger) which have gotten better since stopping the tea.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Floride? Are you saying floride can cause joint pain or body aches? Hmm that stinks. I wonder about floride in water? How much is in green tea compared to tap water?

      I’m not say I don’t believe you. It’s just a scary thought since it’s an additive to tap water in many areas.

      ~ Jenna

  12. avatar Greeny says:

    I am so glad that I found this article. I, too, kept seeing that green tea was supposed to help, not harm. Yet, after getting some fancy green loose leaf tea from a local tea store, I’ve had three cups and I am having muscle spasms in my arms, pain in my lower back, leg cramps, especially my calves and crazy toe joint pain. I have had none today, last night was my last cup. I’m hoping that I feel a bit better tomorrow. The spasms are so bad it’s almost scaring me. I have not had this problem with herbal tea.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Greeny – swing back and let us know how you are feeling. I hope eiliminating the tea helps you.

      ~ Jenna

      • avatar victoria says:

        ok . . green tea does cause pain for some . . i hada chronic pain disorder that was being diagnosed as fibromayalgia, lupus at one point, 4 years excruciating pain, .. in and out of hospital . . i had, have tumor, and had read taking green tea is inflammatory and anti-tumor, all along even before my sickness i had been taking green tea supplements and drinking the teas in large quantity, and i had also heard of the skinny factor.. i model so that’s important for me too. . . so now after 4 years detoxing i didnt suffer so extremely from pain, i went to a an acupuncturist, he immediately asked me . . based on the wrist and arm pain, knuckles turning black, feeling like i have arthritis , he told me to stop taking green tea, . . he said its not that green tea is bad, but some people physiology is not made to match with green tea, . . and i guess mine wasnt . . as soon as i stop taking green tea . .i started feeling like a million bucks, lots of water is important when getting rid of pain, and very stong fish oil or entericoated . . . who would of known . . green tea was making me sick for years!! . . take a liver cleanse like Himalaya liver cleanse also, it repairs liver cells, that when u have pain u need to clean liver . . . God bless us all . . also pray and meditate and excercise.

  13. avatar Cheryl says:

    Me too!!! Started taking Green Tea supplements and drinking a big mug in the morning about a month ago. I’ve got trigger finger like crazy in three fingers…hip and lower back pain…and feel like an old woman (hunched over while walking and the whole nine yards!!!).

    As of tonight, I’m finished. I’ll post back in a week or so and let you know how I make out! Thanks so much for starting this thread!

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Cheryl – are you feeling better? How’s the pain today?

      ~ Jenna

      • avatar Cheryl says:

        Hey Jenna! I’m feeling about 70% better already (been about 48 hours since my last ingestion). I’ll keep you informed as time passes. Again, thanks so much!

  14. avatar Bill says:

    Hi Jenna,
    Like many of the others that responded to you, I started having joint pain in my shoulders, hip and elbows for no apparent reason. I am slightly past middle age, but an avid fisherman, woodworker, Gardner, etc….In other words very active daily, and in good shape. About a month and a half ago these pains started, and for the life of me I couldn’t find any reason. So, I goggled the net and found your post.

    I know about the solanine found nightshades so I have stopped eating blueberries (which I grow and eat daily), and now will quit drinking this wonderful Green Tea from Thailand, which I recently started drinking called Camellia siensis and see if that has an effect. I really like this tea, and drink about a quart of it over ice daily. If it is the cause, I am going into “morning”, because I am not fond of soda pop, and gave up beer a while ago because of the huge calorie content, and plain water…well what can I say about water.(UGH)
    Thanks to all who contributed to this blog….Will keep you updated.


    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Bill. Sorry to hear about your aches and pains. I dislike drinking plain water also. I used to drink Country Time lemonade but I cut that out as well when I stopped drinking pop. So for now I drink homemade lemonade or diluted cranberry juice. It’s better than plain water. Yuck.

      Swing back and let us know how things are going.

      ~ Jenna

  15. avatar JulieL says:

    My husband (47) began complaining about knee & joint pain. I was getting frustrated with him, thinking it was his health. Well, a few days later I began having the exact same pain in my knees where I can hardly walk downstairs in the morning. I’m the same age. We compared notes on our pain & it’s in the exact same place. We both drink iced jasmine green tea with stevia all day long. We have for almost 3 years. The only difference is that the one I usually buy (loose green jasmine from an online tea company) was out of there really good green tea. I purchased a cheaper brand from another company this past July. I have noticed the tea looks black with bits of green in it. Now not sure if it’s true green. I will do my own test, expensive as it is (that tea is not cheap! -$30 plus shipping for 16oz which lasts about 3 months) & see if the pains go away for both of us. Hope we don’t have to give up green tea as we love it so much & keeps us off of other beverages.

    Thanks for using your blog to post this. Thought I was cookoo assuming it’s the Almighty Green Tea.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      You’re not coo-coo. :-)

      I hope switching beverages helps. Make sure you look up nightshade veggies and analyze your diet. I went on a tomato binge this summer and paid the price.

      ~ Jenna

  16. avatar Mike Spitzer says:

    I found these stories interesting.
    My experience was the exact opposite.
    I had gotten into the habit of drinking Coke Zero, I also started experiencing joint problems.
    I switched to Green Tea and felt better.
    I wonder if it is the tea itself or possible impurities in the source where people are getting their tea ?

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      There seem to be a lot of sources and brands involved. I think it’s a kind of allergy or food sensitivity.

      It just shows we should analyze how we feel after eating certain foods. Eliminate things for a few days. See if you feel the same, better, etc.

      Glad the tea works for you. I can’t drink any diet pop since the artificial sweetner gives me migraines. :-(

  17. avatar Stacy says:

    I have noticed pain with tea also. I don’t get pain in my joints, but around them, in connective tissues. I think it has something to do with the tannins contained within tea. Tannins are responsible for the bitter after taste in most tea. They cause pain that mimics arthritis and headaches or migraines. Caffiene and sugar (even honey) are also imflammatory agents. Most tea also sits in warehouses for long periods of time before reaching grocery store shelves. Because tea is a plant product it seems feasable to me that there could be traces of mold also. We also have to wonder what chemicals are used to grow teas that aren’t organic. Any one of the above reasons can cause pain, let alone if any potential causes are lumped together. I’m not onto conspiracy theory (because I know this sounds a little weird), but I have delt with these issues and body pain for long enough to know that organic, whole foods are better for my system. Certainally not all tea falls into this category. I would LOVE to find a tea that didn’t cause me pain! Suggestions greatly appreciated!!

  18. avatar JAScribbles says:

    Thanks for stopping Stacy. You give great info and I might add a bit of eeeeww… but I think you are right. Mold, chemicals, etc. they could be to blame. The way one tea is produced, stored, packaged, and shipped can be completely differenet from the next and therefore make a difference in people who are sensitive.

    I’ve tried this kind of Celestial Seasonings Green Tea and haven’t had issues with it.

    BUT – I only drink two or three cups a week. You may want to give it a shot and see if it works for you. If you do try it, swing back and let us know what happens.

    ~ Jenna

  19. avatar Stacy says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Jenna! Today I went to a store called Teavana. All their teas are made without chemicals or preservatives. They are pricey – some $15 for 2 oz., others much less. They carry the widest variety of white, green, oolong, herbal and roobios I have ever seen. I had some yesterday and today and so far, so good. This might be the answer for me. Some even taste like cake! LOVE that because I am gluten free, also.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Any update Stacy? How’s the new tea?

      ~ Jenna

      • avatar Stacy says:

        The oolong tea makes me feel nasty, but I don’t have the same pain with rooibus tea. It might be worth a try for you if you have a Teavana in your area. Thanks for asking about me! I enjoy your blog. Well done, girl!!

        • avatar Stacy says:

          Jenna, I thought you might be really interested in this info. I talked to a manager at Teavana, the store I was telling you about. I told them how sick I felt after drinking some of their teas. She said oolong, Japanese green, black, and many herbal teas are fermented. That process can cause body pain for many people because fermentation causes inflammation! She, herself, has rueumatoid arthritis and can only drink white, Chinese green, or rooibus tea without feeling sick. These teas are not fermented, are low in tannins, aide in digestion and are anti-inflammitory. Today I’m going back to try some different teas and will let you know how it works.

          • avatar JAScribbles says:

            Stacy – thx so much for continuing to research this. I will add the info about white tea to the body of the post. Have you had success with it?

            I will try it also.

            ~ Jenna

  20. avatar Stacy says:

    White tea has been fantastic for me! So has mate (mah-tay) tea. I also enjoy rooibis (roy-bus). The white tea is light. The mate is deeper bodied, like a coffee, but not as bitter. Rooibis is sweet and smooth. Have had one or the other every day and so far, so good! I’m very happy!!

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      I’m so glad to hear that. I will definitely buy some.

      Thanks so much for staying in touch! You’re the best.

      ~ Jenna

  21. avatar Jenna also says:

    Green tea causes joint pain… I’m certain of it. I’ve had issues with green tea in the past. I have a bad back and neck pain to begin with. About 5 years ago I started drinking green tea instead of bottle water, for the most part. I then started having worse pains in my back and neck, I didn’t know why but I ended up having to go to physical therapy as a result. I then noticed when my dad stopped buying the tea, I felt better. I then cut it out of my diet, and went back to water. I thought for years it was just caffeine in general, because I don’t drink coffee since I’m so sensitive to it. However, I do have a cup of coffee or chocolate every once and awhile, yet it doesn’t cause me pain (caffeine just keeps me up and makes me hyper; hence why I avoid it). Then tonight I decided to have a cup of green tea at around 6pm. Not only have I been up all night, but what’s worse is I have tremendous neck and back pain and have been tossing and turning the whole night. I then picked up my iPhone and curiously googled the same lurking question you had months ago. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty convinced. White teas and camomile is fine, but not drinking green tea ever again! So, Jenna, I would just keep it out of your diet. I wonder though if we’re just allergic to it? Doctors should do studies on this.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Welcome Jenna! (Great name by the way)

      I’m so glad so many people are finding this post.

      We are not crazy. Green tea can cause joint pain. Don’t believe the other articles that say it’s god for you.

      ~ Jenna

  22. avatar Sandy says:

    I am so glad to hear that I am not out of my mind. I have been drinking Arizona diet decaf Green Tea for a couple of months now and all of a sudden my lower back was killing me. It took me awhile to figure out what it might be and I decided the only change I had made in recent times was drinking green tea. I stopped drinking it 4 days ago and my back pain is gone…..I thought it was so good for you, but maybe not for everyone.

  23. avatar Jørgen Laursen says:

    Hi there

    Please excuse my wordings, I am from Denmark:
    I consume quite an amount of caffein every day, without any results of joint pain. But I experience aching in joints and teeth every time i drink Lipton White Tea. I have no idea why, but I’m done with that product. I have no problems with Coke, coffee og black tea whatsoever. Thanx for posting, and thereby making me realize that there really is a connction, for me, between (certain) teas joint/teeth pain.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Jorgen – I hope you are feeling better soon.

      Tea makes your jaw or teeth hurt? Wow. That must be awful. I hope it goes away once you switch what you are drinking.

      Take care.

      ~ Jenna

  24. avatar Rich says:

    Hello Jenna,
    This is very interesting. I have been having the EXACT same symptoms as you over the last six months or so – pain and stiffness in the fingers, right elbow, and occassional mild stiffness in the knees. I had also come to the same initial conclusion as you – age, lack of or too much exercise, etc. I only recently wondered about the correlation with tea since that is about the only thing I consume consistently on a daily basis. I drink 1-2 cups of white tea on a daily basis without exception. I did a google search and found your experience – thank you. I will have to experiment going forward. In the meantime, I will switch to cinnamon tea (just water and fresh cinnamon w/honey).

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Rich – I hope you are feeling better soon. Some people have better luck with the white tea so it’s interesting that this is causing you problems. Perhaps you could try switching brands and see if that helps. Report back on your progress.

      ~ Jenna

  25. avatar Priscilla says:

    For the past several months I’ve been experiencing joint pain in my hips and back and my neck has been hurting. I’ve been drinking coffee or green tea every day something I just started a few months ago. Now that I’ve been reading these comments seems like the pain started not long after I started drinking these drinks on a regular basis. I will certainly cut them completely out stating today and for the next month just to see. I will forever grateful if my pain stops. Thank you everyone, Priscilla

  26. avatar Diana says:

    I’m feeling this too. Real Simple mag just did a story of various teas and their benefits. So this week for 3 days I drank green or Chai (black) tea 1 or 2 cups/day to lower stroke risk. For the past 2 days I’ve been wondering if the hit-by-bus feeling was related: pain throughout hands, also 1 wrist, shoulder, knees. Was worried getting gout like my brother. Finally Googled and found this. Goodbye tea. I do plan, though (the scientist in me) to try it again in a month or so when feeling better to confirm it’s the tea.
    Real Simple (and Dr Oz) should know/caution about these potential sensitivities to tea. You don’t want to mess around with the immune system!
    I as well am one to get migraines from red wine (from tannins?), and also from aspartame.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      I remember saying to my sister, “My bones hurt!” It was the tea.

      I also get migraines from artificial sweetner. I don’t drink red wine… White is my drink of choice. :-)

      At this very moment I am making a cup of the Celestial Seasonings green tea – it appears to be made with white tea leaves. As someone mentioned above, teas are processed differently. I can have an occasional cup of this type of tea without issue.

      Check back in and let us know if your pain goes away.


  27. avatar Blondie says:

    Goodbye Green Tea. My suspicions were right and all of you that been experiencing aches and pain have confirmed it for me. I’d been drinking green tea 3-4 glasses a day for the past 2 months to help curb my appetite.The whole time I has feeling achy and stiff esp in the mornings and throughout the day, taking Tylenol and using Bengay on my knees, feet, wrists. Then I ran out and within a couple of days without drinking the green tea, BINGO, I’m feeling better. I thought I was becoming stricken with arthritis (it runs in my family) or just getting older. So grateful the anwser was as simple eliminating the green tea from my diet!!!!

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      So now the trick is – how do we get the word out about this? I’m sure there are people suffering and taking Rx meds thinking they have arthritis.

      For those of you following this post – maybe tweet or post it on your FB. We need to help other people.


      • avatar Irene says:

        Hi, I am so glad I found this blog. I accidently thought that green tea caused my joint pains in shoulders, arms, and fingers. I started to drink green tea about 7 months ago around the time I started getting the aches and pains. Two weeks ago I was drinking my green tea and discovered a small spider floating on top of the cup, I nearly got sick as I hate spiders and have not had green tea since. The pain in my joints are almost gone I cannot believe it, and I am putting it down to drinking the green tea.

        Thanks Jennie

  28. avatar JAScribbles says:

    Ha ha – well let’s thank little spider guy for prompting you to stop drinking the tea!!

    Glad you are feeling better, Jennie!

    ~ Jenna

  29. avatar Kathryn says:

    Jenna, I came upon your website when I was looking up the adverse effects of tannins of the body. I have been experiencing joint pains and I think it’s related to drinking red wine. Someone had told me that too many tannins can give you joint pain. Tea has tannins in it too. Just a thought.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Thanks kathryn – I’ve heard about tannins as well – and something in blueberries…? I drink white wine :-)

      Thanks for sharing and stopping. I’m sure this will help other visitors.

  30. avatar BK says:

    I am so glad I found this. I had to google too. Everytime I did I only found this that said green tea was good for you. I love the Lipton Green Tea especially when it’s ice cold. About a year ago I started drinking it. My left elbow started giving me so much pain until sometimes I could straighten it out. I thought maybe I injured it or thought it was from playing the piano some 30+ years. I kind of connected to the tea but didn’t give it a second thought. Until this pass Thanksgiving I was off and all I drank that weekend was the tea. By that Tuesday my arm had flared up again. I went to a nerve doctor and Ortho and had all kinds so tests. NOTHING was wrong except slight arthritis but nothing that should cause the pain like that. Then I found your article. I mention it to my husband and he said he notice his shoulder hurting more than usual. I really think it was the tea. Has anyone really researched this?

    • avatar BK says:

      Update. I haven’t had another episode with my arm since I stopped drinking the tea. The arthritis hurts as usual but nothing as bad as when I was drinking the tea.

  31. avatar sarah says:

    Hi~ I thought I’d like to stop drinking coffee and start on green tea (specifically Lipton Green Tea) starting today. Like you, I’m right-handed and suddenly I have this acute pain on my joint on my right arm. I thought it was weird since I never experience this before and suddenly when I started drinking this, I had this pain. I think you’re right. Green tea might give this effect on some people.

    I guess I’ll stop drinking this and go back to coffee. I don’t drink coffee too often in a week, anyway.

  32. avatar shelzer says:

    Glad I found this site. Can’t believe what i’m reading as I tried jasmine tea for the very first time 2-3 hours ago and now have pains in my left hand and especially my middle finger. have never had pains like these before in my life and it feels like i have arthritis or something. will not be drinking this particular tea again. also feel vaguely nauseated since having the tea-don’t know if this could be related. will stick to my usual coffee from now on.

  33. avatar JAScribbles says:

    Hey gang – lots of comments on issues with green tea. Does anyone want to post an update? How are things since you’ve stopped drinking it?

    Some people with tea sensitivity may also experience issues with – blueberries, tomatoes, eggplant and red wine.


    ~ Jenna

  34. avatar BK says:

    Update: I haven’t drinked the Lipton Green Tea in since Thanksgiving weekend. After this last bout that lasted about a week I haven’t had any pain like I did when I drinked it. During this last episode I was so worried I did have an MRI and X rays and they did find that I had a little arthritis but they said the pain shouldn’t have been as bad as I was having.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Oh I’m glad there was some improvement. I think doctors need to know about this.
      Thanks for checking in with us. Take care and happy holidays.

      ~ Jenna

  35. avatar Heidi says:

    What a bummer! I’ve been drinking green tea for several years and just figured my aches and pains were from my osteoarthritis and migraines. This morning, the pain was so bad, I googled “which green tea helps with joint pain?” and I came across this blog! Instead of selecting an herbal base for my next tea, now I must go through an elimination process, to determine whether it’s the culprit of my pains…:-( Be careful what you ask for! Oh well, I’ve been down this road before with other foods, so if anyone has any suggestions on good ‘morning’ drinks that are LOW in caffiene and sugar, please share them with us! ;-)

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      How many cups do you drink in the morning, Heidi? I’ve had ok luck with Celestial Seasonings green tea but only drink one cup every few days. Another blog visitor recommended white tea. I’ve been looking for that in the grocery store and it is a bit hard to find.

      Good luck. Check back in a few days and let us know if your joint pain goes away or gets better without the green tea.

      Oh – sugar and migraines. I get *really bad* headaches from artificial sweetener. Are you drinking or eating any of that? Might want to cut it out and see if your headaches improve.

      ~ Jenna

      • avatar Heidi says:

        Hi Jenna,
        I ususally have just one cup of green tea with ginger or some other herb in the morning and sometimes have another after dinner, but not always. The green tea tends to relax me, yet I do get aches and pains in my finger, toe and knee joints immediately thereafter. I never correlated the two until reading your blog.
        For sugar, I’ve been using Stevia for a couple years now and really like it. I do admit, though, I have a sweet tooth and it’s Christmas time…the Dark chocolate is abundant in my home this time of year! Maybe I should cut back on that, too…

        • avatar JAScribbles says:

          Perhaps cut out one item at a time – the green tea first then later the artificial sweetener. I know they say Stevia is all natural, but you may be having headaches because of it. Something to think about.

          Also watch your intake of tomatoes, blueberries, peppers, chilis, hot sauce, etc. Nightshade veggies cause joint pain in some people.

          Aren’t food allergies fun?! UGH!! What can we eat?


          Take care.


    • avatar Rolf says:

      Hi Heidi.

      You are asking for suggestions on good ‘morning’ drinks, low in caffeine and sugar. Well, I have been looking hard for just such a drink, and the one I have settled for to have with my breakfast is a short steep (max 10 second) black tea with a big splash of full cream milk and no sugar. Too much of a good thing is bad. Moderation, I believe to be the key to health and vitality. People have different thresholds and need to experiment to find their personal limits. I don’t know if this will work for you, but it is, so far working for me.

      From one thing to another, I, like you, like chocolate, and is often eating too much of it. One small square of dark chocolate a day is said to be really good for us (this may very well be the case). Because of health issues I need to cut my sugar intake, and have been looking for a healthy substitute to normal 50% sugar chocolate bars. I have found a bar that I deem to be not too bad in this respect. If you Google the word vitalitybrands you can read about it. This chocolate bar contains 6 squares, and I am, at the moment, trying to eat less than one bar a day. I haven’t tried the new milk-chocolate version, but think that it probably would be a good choice to the dark version, since I have difficulty to just keep to one square a day. The one a fancy most of the dark bars is the mint crisp one.

  36. avatar wisechild says:

    Glad I found this site. I had just made myself a pot of green tea (it was a wedding favor gift from my cousin’s wedding) while at work. After I drank two cups while on a teleconference call, I got up from my desk and both of my knees were sore. My elbows were sore. I moved and my fingers were sore. I couldn’t believe what an immediate effect this tea had on my joints!! I have had other kinds of teas without this effect. Maybe it also has to do with how strong the tea is.

  37. avatar wxjunkie says:

    I recently started drinking three varieties of Yogi brand herbal tea and have experienced joint paints in my fingers, ankles and toes — especially in the morning after I wake up. The three kinds are Stress Relief, Bedtime and Throat Calming. I’m going to ditch all three to see if I experience a change in my pain.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      I hope it works for you. Maybe introduce one at a time back into your day and see if one tea in particular was giving you trouble.

      ~ Jenna

  38. avatar Priya says:

    Hi thr,

    I have something to share!! I am quiet surprised to have bumped into your blog.. I have joint inflammatory issues on my lower back and I was researching on diet good for joint issues. Like all of you say, green tea is said to be good for inflammation, whereas there were other controversial reports too!

    So I spoke to my physiotherapist who has been doing some studying on diet for inflammatory issues and she told me something that confirmed my worry! According to her, green tea is coolant that helps cool your body rapdily!! Generally, when you have stiff & inflammed joints, you are required to keep yourselves warm by doing relevant strengthening & streching excercises. So ICED DRINKS in general and GREEN TEA are to be avoided as they further stiffen your joints.

    I guess it is better to avoid it given the fact that most of us HAVE had bad experiences.

    And great job to the blogger who stirred up this conversation. Thanks! :)

  39. avatar Charles Mitchell says:

    A few weeks ago I started having pain in the sole of my right foot. It felt like I pulled the muscles that run from my heal to the center of my foot. I went to buy some new work shoes but they were out. Before they came in, my foot stopped hurting as much so I decided to wait.

    In the mean time, I developed a pain in my left hand. It felt like I pulled the muscles that run from the palm of my hand to my thumb. I couldn’t remember doing anything to hurt it, so waited to see if it would get any better and about 3 days later, it did.

    Then (this was last Thursday/Friday) my right elbow started hurting me, BAD. It was strange because if I used my fingers to move the tendons around, it would stop hurting. It felt like my tendons were off their tracks. And, like a sliding screen door, just needed to be put back on the track.

    This morning, miraculously, my elbow stopped hurting but the pain immediately, moved into my forearm. I was barely able to hold a sponge, at work.

    I started asking myself what I was doing differently in recent weeks. The only thing that came to mind is that I started drinking Green Tea. I Googled “Green Tea, Joint Pain” and found a plethora (yes, I know what it means) of people asking the same question.

    I’m going to stay off the Green Tea and see if things get better. I’ll keep you all posted about my discoveries.

  40. avatar Francisco says:

    The same problem here. 3 years with a lot of joint pain. Doctors don´t know what happens to me, a lot of clinical test and don´t find nothing. I was taking omega 3 and green tea a lot, I love green tea, I always buy them from china, japan, taiwan but I have stoped them 2 week ago.

    Now I´m starting to go to gym again and I feel a little better, but it´s very early yet. I have just fond this page and I´m very surprised.

    I really love green tea, but I hope this was the cause of my pain because I desperate, I need to go gym, I love lift weights

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Francisco – any updates on your green tea experience? Are you feeling better? Most people here saw an improvement within a day or two. So I’m wondering if you have other issues going on. Two weeks out? you should have seen an improvement by now.

      ~ Jenna

  41. avatar Kelly says:

    Has anyone else ever researched histamine intolerance? Green tea is a no-no for that. I have a really bad reaction ( joint pain and stiffness ) to green tea, but it seems like a lot of other “health foods” cause it too. It’s really frustrating because I want to lose weight and feel healthy, but every time I try to do the right thing, I seem to feel worse. The histamine diet has a lot of health foods listed that can make you feel bad, including lots of fruits, veggies, and fish.

    • avatar janice says:

      Not all health foods are good for you and some are not approved by the FDA, if you are going to buy products at the health food store, ask questions and do your research before indulging in them. I had a friend who drank tea made from some kind of root bark and it put her in a coma for 4 days. Tests showed it was the root bark that put her there. SOme of the health foods will have negative reactions, so much yet to learn about them. Be careful. If you are trying to loose some weight, eat smaller portions in a day and more often and excersise a bit more. Good luck.

      • avatar JAScribbles says:

        I think I’ve heard root bark mentioned somewhere else as well. Scary.

        If you are having joint issues, also be mindful of blueberries, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers and spices made from peppers. These can cause joint pain as well.

        Good luck everyone!

        ~ Jenna

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      I’ve never heard of histamine intolerance. Interesting.

      Thanks for stopping and commenting, Kelly. I hope others find this post and know they are not alone.

      ~ Jenna

  42. avatar Janice says:

    I just started drinking green tea decafe. Every second day for a week. I am now going through pain in my back, knees and hands to the point of hardly being able to move. There is no toher reason why this should be happening. No more green tea for me. Very painful.

  43. avatar debbie carroll says:

    i am experiencing a huge increse in joint pain….and the only thing i haved changed is i drink a large picture of green tea with lemon and lime every day. i will try stopping the tea…i just kept saying to myself it can not be the tea.
    i told my doctor about it and everyone arround me.
    just saying my pain is crazy worse…like overnight.
    Debbie [53 years old]

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Debbie – sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to your comment. How is your joint pain now? Did you stop drinking the tea?

      Thanks for commenting. I think that if more and more people share their stories, others will find this blog post. Doctors need to know about this – green tea can cause joint pain!

      ~ Jenna

  44. avatar janice says:

    I wrote a note here previously and I want to say that this was not the first time.This is the third and final time for me drinking any type of green tea. here’s how it went for me. I am in fairly good health, and i once agaian thought I might try a differnet brand of Green tea. (STASH -decaf premium tea) no ingredients on package, not that it matters at this point in time. I drank 1 cup of tea and the next morning I could hardly move, I had pains in very single joint from my necka dn shoulders down to my toes.I could hardly walk, couldn’t lift anything even my skin, eyes and nose were hurting bad. The pain was unbelievable and then on the second day I had severe back aches and pains inside all over. I thought I was going to die, it was that bad. The pain was nothing like I have ever experienced. I drank alot of water and tried to just keep my feet up as I was not able to do anything, it was even a chore to try and eat. On the on the third day, the pain was less in my arms and face but the rest hurt pretty bad, the third day pains were only in my back and knees, today I have only pain in my back and some in my ankles but I feel better and I am bale to move around ok. There is no reason why any of this should have happened. Like I said it was not the first time. It didn’t really click until now. I can’t stress enough how bad the pain was, I was scared. I have been told by my Doctor and have heard many times on the news that not all health food are good for you, they don’t know alot about some of them and others are not approved by the FDA. Green Tea sounds innocent enough, but I will never drink it again. I am also shocked to be reading on different sites about how many people have gone through this as well. Some people say , oh your just to sensitive, or oh you just had a reaction, well that is for sure. I would love to know what was in the tea that I drank, because normal tea is fine. They put junk in this stuff that we do not know about. I am going to write a letter to the company that produces this tea. Anyone that has gone through this, I have empathy for you because the pain is unreal. I will stick to bottled water and regular tea from now on. Be aware of what you are putting into your body ask questions and read read read!! it is your business to know.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Janice – thank you so much for stopping back and giving an update on your tea issues. I think that by sharing our stories, others will find out about this. I just hope that doctors and tea makers figure it out soon. There are people who can’t drink tea!

      Take care!

      ~ Jenna

  45. avatar Dachase says:

    I have one question. Are you using sugar or any other sweeteners in your green tea???

  46. avatar Jeremy says:

    I looked up “Joint pain green tea” and came on your site, for a week now I am drinking 1.2 liter of green tea, lipton lemon and lipton mint , and my joint in my hand started hurting like so sore I could hardly move it… Like a sharp needle , I notice when I bend my finger, and press on the middle top of the joint it hurts like hell… Not sure if it is the green tea, but if this does not go away I will need to stop it… :( Too bad, I really like the stuff, mostly good for you too!!!

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Jeremy – switch over to something containing all white tea leaves. Brew a few cups then pour slowly over a giant cup of ice. See if drinking that takes away your pain. If not, cut out all tea for four or five days. I bet it will help.

      Do you use a game controller? Type or text a lot with that hand? The pain seems to target joints you use often.

      Good luck. Report back.


  47. avatar Annette says:

    It’s iced tea for me. Makes my joints ache so bad. Sometimes makes me itchy too.
    Regular black tea I guess, I don’t like green. Drinking it hot doesn’t seem so bad, which doesn’t make any sense. Peanut butter does this same thing to me, I’m not allergic exactly but if I eat too much PB, I get these same joint aches..
    I think I’m also a little gouty.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Almonds make my inner ears itchy…. weird. :-) Just shows you that you need to listen to your body. No more green tea for me.

      ~ Jenna

      • avatar Rolf says:

        Hi Jenna.

        You wrote that almonds make your ears itchy. I don’t know if what I am going to say is related to what you experienced, but I get blocked/half blocked inner ears when I eat too much fatty foods like nuts, chocolate, cheese, etc. An interesting ‘net scan’ once told me that ear wax contains 20% saturated fat, and can not be formed without it.

  48. avatar Pauline says:

    I can’t believe there are so many other people having similar issues with tea. For me it’s only when I drink caffeinated tea that I experience problems with pain and swelling in my knees, wrists, and hands. I seem to be okay with green or white decaf and herbal products. I don’t use any sweetener because I have experienced similar pain issues with products like Equal.

  49. avatar debbie says:

    I am 56 years old and it has been 10 days since I’ve given up drinking coffee- i was drinking about 2 pots or more every day. (definitely not healthy) To help with the caffeine withdrawals I decided to substitute Lipton green tea. I usually have one or two cups in the morning. As I sit here drinking my morning cup of Lipton Green Tea I decided to google “caffeine withdrawal/wrist pain” because my wrists, fingers and upper arms have really ached for about a week. The joints of my little finger on my right hand are throbbing right now. I’ve also noticed some lower back pain however I’ve been moving firewood and that could be the cause. I came across your site and found it very interesting. I will give up green tea and let you know if I notice a difference.Thank you for posting.

  50. avatar Beck says:

    Wow! I just searched for “aching shoulders green tea” as a throwaway attempt to find out why I ache so much. I just couldn’t think what could possibly be causing it. The only thing in my diet, I’ve changed recently is I’ve started drinking green tea. I usually drink white tea, but I was a bit bored so thought I’d try green. I’ve been drinking about 6 – 8 cups of tea a day. I’m going to stop all tea drinking and see if the pain stops. Its been horrendous – waking up in the night with incredibly aching shoulders and back. Not even ibuprofen could make it go away. So yes, I’ll come back in a few weeks and let you know if the pain has gone. Thanks for creating this site. Bx

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      I told my sister, “I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus! My bones hurt!”

      I hope you find relief for your aches. Let us know what happens!


  51. avatar Pete says:

    Interesting. I switched from coffee to black tea three months ago. In the course of a day, I drink five or six mugs. Over the same period, I started developing arthritic-like symptoms in my hands, at the base of the thumbs and index finger. One elbow also became stiff. I am 46 and initially thought it was early onset arthritis. I did find it curious that the pain coincided with me switching to tea and googled the topic, which led me to this website. I stopped drinking tea 36 hours ago. The pain has not yet gone but there has been a definite improvement.

  52. avatar dooey says:

    I’m so glad I found your site. I’m only 22 this year and I was really puzzled and frustrated when I started having pains in my arm and fingers all of a sudden. Then I realised it seems so connected to my tea drinking . I’ve always been a tea drinker black or green.but only 1 cup per day. But after my visit to.twg and getting 2 New pack, oftea home, I drank around 6 cups for a day. Suddenly my joints and bones ached like crazy! And I kept thinking drinking tea would help with inflammation and pain. I shall stop and see if it gets better!

  53. avatar Tristan says:

    I won’t read all of your Posts but being as to how great an advocate of science I am I will contribute to this data.
    My initial search in google about 10 minutes ago was “green tea joint pain” which I typed so as to try not to favor one side more than the other. To see what random doctors and peers were saying about the relation.
    I searched for this because of my severe neck pain.
    I always sleep on my right side and I woke only 30 minutes ago.
    Here are the variables though.

    I am only 21 years old.
    I haven’t had any severe neck injuries I.e. whiplash etc.
    I have smoked on and off since 13.(smoke about a half pack on average)
    I just quit smoking a week ago, hopefully this’ll be the end.
    I used to binge drink (probwbly 5 yrs total) and once went a month without eating and only drinking beer in amounts of approx. 25 a day…
    All thngs considered I am in pretty good health and shape.
    I have been drinking between 0 and 30 cups of “Lipton:Pure Green Tea” per day/about 3 years now. 0 and 30 being the furthest of extremes but I have almost always managed at least the cup a day.
    I can’t figure an exact average but I’d guess it to be about 10-15 cups a day.
    So, I am probably not your average tea drinker.
    With that said I think my neck pain started about 3 years ago…
    (Tea sitting in microwave for almost an hour now I stand to check its temp. Lol…Nope definitely not an hour. Think I may be addicted, somehow not so much to the caffeine as the habit and flavour)
    But yeah, green tea contains high levels of fluoride so starting tomorrow I’ll start documenting how much better I feel on as few cups I can manage, try to keep it a constant and not change any other factors in my life.
    Remember though, I quit smoking about a week ago.
    As A side note I’d like to say that before drinking such high amounts of green tea I have always craved a drink in my hand and as such almost never have gone drinking less than 10 cups of WTF ever a day and I have no signs of diabetes so IDK.
    I drank 8 cups today including thisn here.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Tristan – thanks for swinging by my blog and for your info on your green tea experience. Let us know how things progress.

      One thing you should research is smoking and celiac disease. I guess smoking can mask the symptoms. Are body aches a sign of celiac??

      The reason why I bring this up is one of my online friends gave up smoking and felt like crap. You’re supposed to feel better if you stop smoking. Why did she feel worse? She soon discovered she had celiac and that her years and years of smoking had been hiding those troubles.

      Anyway… good luck.

      ~ Jenna

      • avatar Tristan says:

        I looked it up here

        I really have no symptoms but it was a thoughtful inquiry. Thanks, appreciated.
        And I haven’t forgotten about my little experiment just tolet you know.
        I am on day 19 on my great reduction of daily intake and should only say that my joints are improving in the severity of pain.
        I will soon conclude my study.

        • avatar JAScribbles says:

          Thanks for checking in, Tristan. I hope your aches and pains go away soon.


          • avatar Tristan says:

            I am on day 25 of my experiment and I am getting kinda tired of documenting this so I’ll just go ahead and end it here.
            Since greatly reducing my green tea intake over the course of 25 days I’d say my pain is gone.
            Ever so rarely there’ll be a slight pang of pain in my neck but otherwise.gone.I’ll call it a 95% reduction. Now all that’s left is the neck popping which is slowly disappearing just as the pain did.
            Nothing else in my daily life was changed.
            Just my tea drinking.
            All tea was Lipton tea bags steeped in boiling water.
            The green was called ” pure green tea” and I don’t remember the black but it was just plain Lipton black tea. Neither was decaf.
            I’ll write the day and a period then the tea consumed.

            Day 1. Tea consumed 0 cups
            3.1blk 1grn
            4.2grn 1blk
            5.1grn 1blk
            11.2grn 1blk
            13.1grn 1 blk
            14.4 grn
            16.4grn 1blk
            22.3grn 1blk
            23.1grn 1blk
            25.3 grn

            An over 300% reduction in tea consumption led to a 95 % pain reduction. Wow. I have to be more careful. Only 21years old with such pain. Moderation I guess, huh?

          • avatar JAScribbles says:

            Wow. Your pain is gone!! That’s fantastic.

            I’m so glad I decided to put this post up. It’s been about a year now and I think it’s helped so many people.

            Tristan – after a few weeks of no pain try pure white tea and see if that gives you joint pain. I can drink white tea.



  54. avatar Tristan says:

    It’s weird, I practiced Qigong alone about 2 yrs ago for about a year and decided it was also a contributer of my neck pain so I stopped doing it.
    I did feel an energy. It did grow with more practice but after obvious weird pulling sensations of severity (strooonge fields of energy yanking the center of gravity on my right side about a foot or two below the fucking earth) my pain got worse and worse. After much research I had concluded it was a chi imbalance probably caused by too little movement and too much sitting at my desktop thwt’s when I stopped.
    K, tomorrow.. Tschuss!

  55. avatar Tristan says:

    Somehow I posted twice. Sorry.

  56. avatar Jenny says:

    Woah. I googled this on a hunch about what might be causing some joint pain I’m having in my hip and I, too, have been drinking a Lipton brand of green tea! Hmm… I will experiment with avoiding it and see what happens…


  57. avatar Tristan says:

    White tea has less fluoride?

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      I’m not sure it’s the floride causing the pain, but I can drink some white tea and not have issues.


  58. avatar Cleo says:

    I have been drinking green tea for about a year, about 3 cups a day with exceptions, I have had some joint pain and I think green tea might be the cause. How long do you think it will take for me to notice results when I stop drinking it? Am I to far gone for it to make a difference if I stop drinking it now?

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      I noticed an improvement after 24 hours – but my initial symptoms of pain came on pretty fast so maybe they disappeared just as fast. It took about a week for my body to feel back to normal.

      Give it a shot – you’ve got nothing to loose. ;-)


  59. avatar Arusa says:

    I have been a tea drinker ever since I was a few months old. Anyways recently, just about a few months ago, I’ve been experiencing a lot of body pain and I’m only 17 so that isn’t good at all! A year ago, I got more into teas(bagged ones) so I would have lots of cups a day. I experienced no pain at all. But then ever since I got more into loose teas, I’ve been experiencing joint pain. Perhaps it’s because of the loose teas since bagged teas caused me no problems. Anyways starting tomorrow I’m going to try go for a month or so(if I can last) to see if my pain will be reduced. I’m glad I’m not the only with this pain, it almost sounds unreal that tea would cause joint pain.

  60. avatar Bob says:

    I’ve been thinking about the correlation between my severe knee pain and when I drink iced tea for months now and just decided to google it for kicks. I stopped drinking tea yesterday and have had no pain ever since. I think you all have discovered something wonderful. My knee pain was so bad it kept me up nights and made driving miserable. Thank you everyone.

  61. avatar sharon says:

    Hi, just a very quick note… I’m sure that the joint pain I get is caused by tannins because I only get it when I have tea or red wine. It appears within a couple of days and is so sore that I can’t pick things up (like cups of tea or glasses of wine!) Tannins are also in almond skin – someone mentioned almonds earlier, and certain other foods. I wish you all well.

  62. avatar Jimmy says:

    Holy cow! Could it be this easy? I’ve been on and off black tea for several years now. I can’t remember how I felt when I first started drinking it, but I have certainly had joint pain and an overall feeling of ill that has been getting progressively worse for years now. It’s been so bad over the last several months that I’ve been on some fairly severe NSAIDS and have even had bone scans and mri’s. I went on a trip a couple of weeks ago where I didn’t drink any tea and started to feel better over a few days. When I got back I started drinking tea again, and have been getting progressively worse (joint pain and just feeling plain yucky). This morning I woke up feeling pretty good, had a big ol pot of tea, and started feeling crappy again. I then, like so many others on your blog searched for joint pain and tea and voila…here I am. I wonder if gradually my body has become intolerant to tea? Well, only one way to find out…tomorrow I turn a new leaf and cut out tea.

    I’ll let you know how it goes…fingers crossed!

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Jimmy! Glad my blog post helped in some way. I remember thinking “I feel like I’ve been hit by a bus! Why do my bones hurt?”

      Check back!!


  63. avatar Jimmy says:

    Here’s an interesting article on fluoride in tea causing bone and joint pain:

    “Potentially harmful fluoride levels found in some instant teas”

    • avatar Rolf says:

      Interesting website Jimmy. I have recently come to believe that we probably get enough fluoride from food and drink, that we don’t consciously need to add more to our bodies by using fluoridated toothpaste.

  64. avatar Jimmy says:

    Sorry to keep posting these, but I thought this was an interesting quote from a report written in 1972:

    “In a 55-yr-old woman with long-standing arthritis, but no obvious signs of fluorosis, X-rays exhibited degeneration of discs and calcification in disc spaces. Her daily fluoride intake, mainly from tea, exceeded 9 mg; her daily urinary excretion was 3 mg. When she discontinued consuming tea, her fluoride intake fell below 1 mg daily; excretion through the urine exceeded intake; the arthritic pains diminished and virtually ceased in 6 mo; mobility of her spine was restored and she was able to resume work. Arthritis of the spine of unknown cause might represent subclinical fluorisis which is not demonstrable radiologically.” Cook HA 1972 Crippling arthritis related to fluoride intake: Case report. Fluoride 5 (4):209-213 (1972)

    It would appear the high fluoride content of tea causing bone and joint pain has been studied for at least the last 40 years, and there seems to be a strong correlation. I’m going to completely cut out tea for the next 6 months and see how I feel.

  65. avatar Bryan Leaman says:

    I have had pain all over my body for years but the worst was my knees. Every morning I would wake up with pain in my knees and it would stay all day and by night time I could hardly walk. I have had this pain for 6 years or more I can’t remember it’s been so long. I mainly work outside in the heat so I would drink about a gallon of lipton iced tea a day. I have been to 5 or 6 doctors (bone,joint and specialist) every time they would take x-rays and MRI’s and everytime say that they can’t find anything wrong. I fianlly stopped going to doctors because I knew I was wasting my time and money. I have tried everything I could think of to stop the pain and nothing would help. About a month and a half ago I decided to stop drinking ice tea. After a couple of days no pain at all and my knees and body has not hurt at all since I stopped. I know that the tea was causing the pain because I have tried everything else and after that many years of pain for it to stop that fast and be fine since then it has to be the tea. I hope this helps someone. I am a knuckle dragging phone man and I have never wrote one of these before I’m sure my spelling and grammer is bad but you get the idea.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Bryan – just think of all the money you spent on doctor visits and it turned out to be the tea! I’m so glad you stopped to comment. Many others are finding this post and learning that there is a simple reason for bone pain – tea!


    • avatar Rolf says:

      Hi Bryan.

      Interesting to read about your experiences. I think the problem with ice-tea, in general, is that it is too strong. When I started making ice-tea I let the tea-bag stay in the container. I never could stand that ice-tea. Got various strange pains and skin irritations in, and on, my body. I remember, for instance, that my ears were affected with a strange burning sensation. Now-days when I make ice-tea I take the biggest tea-cup I can find, and steep a tea-bag for max ten seconds in hot water, leaving two centimeters to the rim of the bowl. I then fill up the cup with full cream milk. After that I take an empty 600ml water bottle and pour the now slightly warmer than lukewarm tea, through a funnel, into the bottle. I then fill up the bottle with chilled fridge water, and put the bottle into the fridge for further cooling. In terms of the health aspect I have found that this tea is best drunk with food. I have also found that the eating experience becomes so much better with a nice drink to accompany the food. It is not for nothing that we have our mealtimes named; morning tea, tea, afternoon tea, etc. As a side note, the ice-tea I am making I take with me to work in a cooler box, with its two freezer-cooled cool-packs, to keep the bottle cold for many hours.

  66. avatar Patricia says:

    I’m 30 and 3 hours I drank green tea after lunch, my left elbow suffered from severe pain. During the night, I had shoulder and back pain. I suspected that it was the green tea I drank after lunch that caused this which prompted me to google “green tea and joint pains”. Thanks to this blog I’ve found that I’m not the only one suffering from this.

  67. avatar Kelly says:

    I just found this article today and it makes so much sense! It totally explains why some people will have a negative effect to green tea:

    Wow! You really need to read this!

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Yikes! Green tea hazards. I wonder why some people can drink it without issue? And is all of Europe and England in pain? :) they drink A LOT of tea.

      Thanks for stopping and sharing Kelly!

      ~ Jenna

  68. avatar Marianne Nieuwenhuis says:

    I have for the last year made green tea with squeezed lemon juice, but month after month, i just seemed to feel so sick. Body aches etc., These last two weeks i have had terrible wrist pain and arm aches. Thinking it was my chair and all the computer work I just took pain medication. I just seemed to get worse, so I decided to Google “can I get joint pain from green tea”? I read your article and wow!!! exactly how I felt….. I have stopped drinking green tea now two days and already the wrist pain is gone. Thank you for a wonderful article!!! bless you.
    Marianne, South Africa

  69. avatar Sally says:

    Interesting read. I was drinking Tzao Chi black tea. Get a horrible pain in upper right arm every time that hurts when I lift or reach. Goes away the next day, and I only drink this a couple times a year because I forget every time what it does. I read you all have this with green tea. Anyone experience this with this tea that I have drank?

  70. avatar Sally says:

    oops-that is Tazo Chai

  71. avatar ELAINE says:

    wow Jenna, thank you, I am in so much hip and knee pain as I am typing. I am going to stop drinking tea for one week to see if the pain will go away.


  72. avatar AISHA says:

    OMG, It’s great to know i wasn’t the only one suffering from extreme knee & back pain after i started drinking Lipton green tea(bags).i had started drinking green tea (2-3) cups a day with mint when i noticed that i started getting such severe knee & back pain. I made a concious effort to find out what was causing came down to the dreaded lipton green tea.after i stopped using it for 2 days i noticed the pain was gone, when i told my husband (a doctor) about it he just thought i was crazy…thank you so much for u r blog which i found on google search…after reading all the above people’s experiences , my husband& i are finally convinced about the culprit….. thanks again. I’m feeling so much better having my last cup of green tea….

  73. avatar Marian Nicholls says:

    Until recently I had been suffereing everyday for 7 weeks with sore arms, wrists, and hands (dull aching pain). I went to Chiro and doctor but the pain persisted. I started thinking about what I had started to do differently 7 weeks ago and then I remembered that’s when I started drinking Green Tea (about 4 cups per day). I wondered if this could be the cause and decided to stop drinking it. Within a week, the pain had completely gone, I couldn’t believe it, then I found this site when I started researching other peoples experience with green tea. You can’t imagine my relief, I was so worried that I had developed a nerve problem. I feel so lucky that I was able to work it out what was happening. Now when ever any of my friends complain about pain my first question is always ‘Do you drink green tea…?’ :) Well done on creating this site. Best Regards.

  74. avatar JAScribbles says:

    Hi everyone! In the last year, this post about green tea and joint pain has been viewed 3161 times. That is a lot of people with pain. I’m so glad I helped! I remember googling this topic and finding NOTHING to indicate tea can cause problems…. and look – we all know the truth now.

    This next bit falls under the ‘it doesn’t hurt to ask’ category: If I’ve helped you in any way please consider doing any of your regular Amazon US shopping through one of my links. You can pick any link including this one to the home page

    I receive a teeny tiny referral fee when you buy something. I cannot see what you buy or your payment info. It’s all anonymous. The fee is paid by Amazon and is not added to your bill.

    It costs me about $10 a month to keep this website up and running – hosting fees, domain name, tech help from my techie friends when things go wrong. Any help you can give will be appreciated!

    BUT… There is no need to shop through my link if you don’t want to – that was just a small request.

    I’m so happy to help others with their aches and pains.

    ~ Jenna

  75. avatar says:

    OMG! I just noticed the same thing! I have been having horrible (!) leg cramps and I somehow put the leg cramps and green tea together. I plan to do another test soon just to be certain, but I really think this is it!

  76. avatar Neal Greenberg (please post me anonymously) says:

    I wonder if the issue is fermentation. Green teas that have sat around on shelves-tea bag tea for example-will ferment, I am told. The teas that consist of
    “tea dust”-tea bag tea is usually comprised of dust-we ferment as well. Tea dust is considered the lowest grade of tea, but it’s commonly used in many many of the tea bags that we drink called green tea. In one study, ECGC levels where 130 times higher in fresh loose leaf green tea than in tea bag tea. But many loose leaf green teas are not fresh. So Jasmine green will not be fresh. Most Chinese green teas will not come to you fresh. Some Japanese teas will come to you fresh. Most Japanese green teas sold in the U.S. are not stored, and refrigerated that well. So you will not get it that fresh. There is one tea suppier from Japan that literally puts nitrogen in their packaging in order to preserve the freshness of the green tea. So green tea essentially become black tea because it tends to ferment when it is not fresh. There is a study that shows that arthritis increased for black tea drinkers. An opposite result seemed to occur for tea drinkers in a different study. Less inflamation occurred.

    In the past few months, I have started drinking higher quantities of both black tea (I am including oolong, red tea, black teas such as Pu Erh in this category) and green tea. I too have had serious joint pains, and plan to stop the black tea in the hope that this will be sufficient to stop the pains. If that doesn’t work, I will stop the green tea. My green tea is quite fresh-I get it from Japan and check the storage. Then I store unopened packages in the freezer or refrigerator. When I have opened a package, I consume it quickly (as the Japanese tea sellers recommend). If it is powdered green tea-which like tea dust will ferment much quicker from the greater surface area-I check the color to see if it has fermented. The flavor of green tea becomes more bitter with fermentation, so that a tea that WAS green starts to taste more black. Fresh green tea has a vegetal taste. It will taste more like spinach. So much of the tea described in the blog-I suspect-might be green in name only. A Japanese person I know was served tea bag green tea-he later admitted that he thought he was being poisoned.

    But I will let you know if my joint pain improves by removing the various more aged teas-oolongs, red teas and black teas-and concentrating on fresh green tea only. I sincerely hope I can at least continue to drink fresh green tea. Thanks for your blog.

    • avatar Neal Greenberg (please post me anonymously) says:

      GREEN tea study showed reduced inflammation while the black tea study showed increased inflammation. I mistakenly didn’t say that in my post. SO does the issue of freshness, as I point out, come into play? That only very FRESH green tea will reduce the inflammation? There is research that suggests that only fresh green tea has the high levels of ECGC that provide the real benefits of green tea. And as my post points out, it’s very hard to get really fresh green tea. One very interesting suggestion by an M.D. was that high quality tea reduced cancer. He pointed to two different studied. THe first, occurred in a tea drinking region of Japan. In that study, green tea caused a dramatic reduction in cancer rates. Another study-in an area of Japan where people don’t drink low quality or even bagged teas showed no benefits as to cancer. A third study, however, showed huge benefits for stroke and heart risk from drinking green tea (also a Japanese study). So I HOPE that good green tea drinking will be okay for my joints-I am giving up drinking various black teas and less fresh green teas (such as Jasmine).

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Lots of good info on various types of tea. Thank you for sharing. Check back and let us know how you feel.

      ~ Jenna

  77. avatar Ravifkhan says:

    I am having pains nw everywhere…jst 2 days of green tea consumption 3 cups a day..1 tea spoonful each time with warm water..jst woke up sore everywhere..goin to give up nw and see if it works….

  78. avatar Michael says:

    I have a form of Leukemia (CLL) and recently read that green tea/green tea supplements can provide a natural method of keeping my condition under control, so I purchased a green tea extract. Within a week or so of taking the green tea pills, I noticed increasing jaw pain. So, I quit taking the green tea extract a few days ago and the pain seems to be subsiding. This is quite disappointly since I thought I had stumbled on a natural way of controling my CLL and avoiding chemotherapy, but now it looks like I’ll have to give up the green tea extract and the odds of having to undergo chemo within the next 6 months are now back to near 100%. Does anyone know of a specific green tea extract or green tea that doesn’t have the side effects of joint pain (in my case jaw pain when I yawn or sometimes when I chew)?

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Michael – sorry for the slow reply to your comment on my blog. And sorry to hear about your CLL. I’m not a doctor, but couldn’t you try both chemo and green tea? My guess is the chemo is going to hurt anyway so why not try both – double attack on the CLL.

      But – listen to your medical advisors.

      Take care.

      ~ Jenna

    • avatar Rolf says:

      Hi Michael.

      Sorry to hear about your disease.

      In my mind the most powerful “natural healers” are fasting and melatonin. I don’t know what you have tried so far. Fasting one day a week on a regular basis, and not eating after 4 pm would be the two main things I would try if I had what you have. I would also cut all caffeine, except maybe two/three very weak cup of tea/milk, during mealtimes throughout the day. I would drink a glass of water first thing after waking up, and try to boost my water intake in general. I would cut all bread, white rice, and pasta, and for carbs eat only brown rice. I would substitute, at least, half of my normal meat intake with cooked, and sprouted beans. I would try to incorporate a bit of vegies in my daily food intake. I would try to cut sugar, especially the bad sugars; sucrose, glucose, fructose. etc. I would minimize my fruit intake to max one small fruit in the morning before breakfast. I would quit smoking, if I smoked. Furthermore, I would do light exercise like walking, or jogging. Personally, I like to jog for 20 min in front of the TV in the morning, while watching some interesting program. I also like to jog to some loud music in the evening. But you will find your own panacea.

      I wish you full recovery

      • avatar Rolf says:

        “I would also cut all caffeine, except maybe two/three very weak cup of tea/milk, during mealtimes throughout the day”.

        Weak cups of black tea; max 10 seconds steep. Preferably closer to five seconds, than ten.

  79. avatar Kathy says:

    Hi Jenna,
    I first noticed increasing pain in my legs and hips two years ago when I began an ACE inhibitor. I also suffer from an autoimmune condition which attacks my muscles, so I did some research and found that ACE inhibitors interfere with a pain modulator Bradykinin from breaking down ,which can cause pain and hypersensitivity to pain. I just found out that green tea acts like a natural ACE inhibitor for lowering blood pressure. So there may be a relationship. I started to take green tea capsules to help fight my autoimmune problem but noticed an increase in pain. Have to do some additional research on this, but it makes sense to me.

  80. avatar zliang says:

    I think there is some truth in what you have experienced! When I first started university, I resolved to drink a cup of green tea every morning (to kick start my brain, and because it is supposed to have many wonderful benefits for health).

    However, a few days after i started this morning routine, I would wake up with extreme pain and stiffness in my finger joints, so much so that it would even be painful to open my water bottle, grip the shower head, etc.

    I didn’t think it was the green tea at first, so I continued with the routine. The pain didn’t go away, and actually got worse. Please note that I only experienced this pain in my finger joints in the morning after waking up (it would disappear after about an hour or two into my day).

    When I finally decided to stop the green tea (about 2 weeks later), ~1-2 days later, no more pain at all!

    Went to do some research and googling, and upon reading up on Arthritis, there are certain things that can cause symptomatic arthritis (different for different people), and I think habitual drinking of green tea just happened to be what caused the pain in my joints :/ drinking them once in a while, or during dinner etc. doesn’t do anything though! it’s only when I’m drinking it repeatedly and consecutively over many days.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Zliang – I’m glad your pain is gone and hope you find a tea that you can occasionally drink. Try white tea.

      ~ Jenna

  81. avatar Inez says:

    This site has been really helpful. It’s confirmed what I was just reading on the site about tea being high in salicylates and that salicylates are involved in fibromyalgia. I love tea and was hoping it wasn’t true!

  82. avatar trishy says:

    Green tea also causes twitching and cramps. I had to stop drinking tea due to the muscle twitching. But, I had joint pain prior to drinking green tea. Although, I don’t drink green tea I still have muscle and joint pain. I do miss drinking a hot tea and will try some of the ones you suggested.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      I haven’t experienced twitching with the green tea – but maybe I was in too much pain from it and didn’t notice. :-)


  83. avatar Stefan says:

    Jenna, you might want to look up Food energy feature guide. Chinese people determined that each food will cause an energetic reaction in your body. Cold or warm. Green tea is cold energy. Cold is not good for joints. I too experience the same issue with certain types of green tea. It could have to do with the way it is grown and brewed. Cheers.

  84. avatar Jeff says:

    I think it’s tannins. It seems to be in almost all super foods. Grapes, teas, bananas, plums, figs dates, avacados, lots of spice and herbs nuts, beans, wine, smoked meats, seeds…. I get back pain and a sore throat. Zyertec has helped at night, but I think I have to stay tannins too. It seems that bonded and unbonded tannins might be differnt, so maybe I can have some tannin food. The list confirms almost everything I’ve suspected.

  85. avatar Rose says:

    Like everyone else I was trying to be “healthy”. So i had started eating sundried tomatoes and cut up bellpeppers. Also green tea with honey. I have fibramyalgia and arthritis anyway buy started feeling like I was getting something even worse. My feet felt like they had been twisted. Pain all over. I read about nightshades yesterday and had marked them off my list. I actually looked up to see if honey could be causing pain when I found this! I hsve been consuming 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day for months. Today I was away from home and didnt. When I read this it clicked. I dont hurt as bad today. No more tea for me ever. Thank you so much! I thought I would feel that way forever.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Rose – glad my post helped. Also do a search for NightShade vegetables. Tomatoes, peppers, Chili’s, egg plant – those have been known to case joint pain. And stay away from blue berries.

      There are lots of healthy foods left. :) good luck

      ~ Jenna

      • avatar Rose says:

        I had found that the day before and had been eating a lot of tomatoes and bell pepper. That is off the grocery list. I stayed up late doing research after i found your website. What I thought was healthy evidently wasn’t-for me. Thank you again. To me there are no accidents. I have been praying about all this pain. I am glad that I have arms and legs,some people are not that blessed. But to be almost pain is such a blessing! This morning I feel 50% better already.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Oh sorry, you said NightShade. Ugh. Time for me to go to bed. :)

  86. avatar Dan says:

    Very interesting site. Like a lot of people writing here I began drinking green tea (1/day) “to be healthier” about 4 years ago. I am a very active 50-year old (soccer, street hockey…I know, I never grew up ;-) and want to stay that way as long as possible. My daughter who will graduate a nurse in May mentioned last year that in a class she found out about the birch and alder allergies which sort of explain the occasional and sometimes dramatic itchy throat/ear reaction to almonds and certain fresh fruits like peaches, plums, some apples and cherries. These foods cooked, there’s no reaction, just when fresh. Love all these foods too. Used to have hay fever and cat allergies as a kid and younger adult but those are pretty much gone. My allergic reactions now are pretty much limited to these. At least I thought. So, 4 years ago in response to my wife having a mild heart attack, I started doing some of the things her doctor recommended for better health – drink green tea, take fish oil daily, reduce my useless carbs some and just eat more legumes, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Since then and very steadily, my sometimes groggy body from physical activity now has turned into a series of painful joint “flash points” (ankles/feet, elbows, shoulders, wrists and even a spot in my mid-back). Nothing to do with muscular pain, just the specific joint areas. Oddly enough my hips and knees don’t appear to be affected, at least not nearly as much. Getting out of bed to loosen my ankles is a chore and getting loose takes all morning but pain remains all day, just less. I Googled “green tea and joint pain” on a whim this morning. Based on some testimony here, I will give this up to see if I can isolate green tea as a potential cause. I’ll check back soon to report my progress.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Dan – oh my, Almonds make my inner ears itch too! So crazy.

      How are you feeling? Has it been a few days without tea?


  87. avatar Glenn says:

    Interesting about Green Tea but mine was different. I drink hot tea but I use Equal with it twice a day. My knees have almost crippled me the last two months. I do have two bad knees, I had surgery two months ago on my right knee but my left knee has been worse than normal. I tried cutting out the Tevana tea and Equal first together, no change. Two days ago I went back to tea and cut out Equal. I’m a new person today, yesterday was a big improvement, today is a 80% improvement. I don’t know if it was the Equal but after months of even worse, unbearable pain, I’m able to have relief now. I hope it keeps up.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      Hi Glenn. I used to use Equal in my coffee and figured out it was giving me migraines. So much better without it. My husband just gave up drinking Monster Energy drinks since they made his joints ache. He thinks it was the artificial sweetener – same as you.

      Hope you’re feeling great soon!


  88. avatar Megtreb says:

    It’s not the flouride, tannins or fermentation. Here’s the answer: people suffering from an immune disorder are either Th1 or Th2 dominant. This refers to which kinds of immune cells are causing the problem. If you are Th2 dominant, green tea (maybe any tea) is one of the things you have to avoid. If you are Th1 dominant, then green tea will make you feel better. Here’s and explanation I found online:

    “An autoimmune condition occurs when one branch of the immune system over dominates another branch. This is called an either a Th1 or Th2 dominance. A dominant TH1 response means that the natural killer cells and cytotoxic t cells are responsible for attacking the body, while a TH2 dominance indicates that your bcells and antibodies are mounting the attack. A blood test is needed to find out which branch is dominant. Thus to treat an autoimmune disease, it is critical to find the dominant branch and to balance the seesaw by stimulating the other branch. For example, if a patient’s autoimmune disease was TH1 dominant, treating it would require that we strengthen the Th2 side to balance out the immune system. If the patient were Th2 dominant, we would stimulate the Th1 side to regain balance. It’s a pretty simple solution, but so many people suffer needlessly because the immune system has been ignored, until now.

    This is where clinical nutrition and natural medicine comes into play. It is well documented in clinical research that Th1 stimulants are Echinacea, maitake mushrooms and golden seal to name a few. Th2 stimulators are caffeine, green tea, and grape seed extract. So in the example I gave in the previous slide, if a patient with an under functioning thyroid is TH1 dominant, then I would prescribe supplements containing caffeine, green tea, and grape seed extract to stimulate the TH2 side to regain balance. If they were TH2 dominant, then Echinacea, mushrooms, and golden seal would balance out their immune system. Since most people with autoimmune conditions have no idea which branch of their immune system is dominant, they can actually make their condition worse by taking over the counter immune boosters.”

    I have no doubt that I am Th2 dominant now, no need for a blood test. I am going to have to give up green tea, and maybe all tea, which is a shame, because I love tea. The green tea was really helping me lose weight, but it definitely is causing me serious joint pain.

  89. avatar Megtreb says:

    On further thought, it occurs to me that the above explanation about Th1 and Th2 dominance could also apply to people without a pre-existing immune problem (the quote I posted was talking about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis). We could be perfectly normal, but by overdoing it with the green tea we might be boosting our Th2 cells so high that we throw our immune systems out of whack and create an inflammation problem.

    Which could mean that maybe we could drink green tea if we also take enough Th1 stimulating stuff, like echinacea, to keep the immune system in balance. I’m not sure I’m willing to experiment with that, but it’s a thought.

    • avatar JAScribbles says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Th1 and Th2 – very interesting stuff. Thanks so much for sharing.

      If you notice a difference after stopping or trying different styles of tea, please stop back and let us know what happens.


    • avatar Prashank says:

      Hi your comment was more than helpful to me. I started experiencing joint pain within 4 days of drinking green tea.
      On reading your comment i did further research about green tea and came to know very interesting fact. Caffeine easily dissolves in water, faster than the good parts of Green tea which are actually responsible for anti inflammation property of green tea. So in order to use green tea with lesser side effect, we can brew green tea more than once. One can dip green tea bag in hot water for a min and then throw the water as most of the caffeine would have been dissolved and then brew the tea again in fresh hot water.
      Using this hack i guess we can still use green tea.
      Later if we still feel joint pain then either take DH1 or stop drinking it.
      Care to reply back.

  90. avatar Elaine says:

    I had major hip and joint pain when I took Slo-Niacin for high cholesterol. I recently switched to Green Tea Extract. During the time when I was not taking anything, my pain went away. Now that I am on the Green Tea Extract, my hips and lower back are stiff and hurting again. I am going to stop taking it and see if I feel better.

  91. avatar Randy says:

    My wife started taking Green Tea + Hoodia capsules and a few days later started having pretty bad lower back pain… After some research she stopped taking it and within a few days the pain was gone… As an experiment I started taking the same capsules and a couple days later noticed some soreness in my hands and feet joints… I stopped taking it and the pain went away… STRANGE !!

  92. Good thing I don’t have a thing for tea, but I can’t end my day without drinking soda… I guess it made my arthritis more painful before. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis way back in 2004 and was completely healed in 2010. I had different medications for 6 years but only stem cell therapy gave me real, lasting relief. I was seen by Dr Purita, an orthopedic surgeon, and scheduled me for 5 weeks stem cell treatment. I can say that it was successful since it has been 2 and half years and still no joint pains for me… I just hope that the effect will last longer… years more…

  93. avatar Ginger says:

    It is only funny, now that I am well, but my husband and I were laughing thinking back to the time I was so debilitated that I wore a plaster support cast on my right hand for two years only to be followed by 8 months on a scooter for an “injured” tendon in my right foot. The right hand inflammation was due to a sudden passion for chai tea and the foot problem resolved within two weeks after quitting nightshades (potato, tomato, peppers, and eggplant). Why is it green tea and tomatoes are considered such health foods? Not for me!

  94. avatar hurtyknees says:

    I recently started drinking green tea at work (2-4 cups a day, Trader Joe’s brand, unsweetened, using hot water-cooler water). I’m 27, active and never had knee problems before but about a week ago my left knee started hurting. I spent all week being really careful with my knee, but the pain in my left knee intensified AND I started getting knee pain in my right knee.

    I started thinking about what I’ve changed in my daily routine recently and the only thing that I can think of is the addition of green tea. I haven’t done any sort of crazy exercise, I haven’t changed the food that I eat, I don’t take any supplements or medicines. I’m glad I came across this blog, I’m hoping it’s just green tea that’s causing this. I’m going to cut it out of my diet completely to see if that helps and then I’ll maybe reintroduce it in moderation later on. I guess too much of anything is never a good thing.

    • avatar hurtyknees says:

      Just as an update – it took about 3 days after I stopped drinking green tea for my knee pain to go away. I haven’t felt it since.

  95. avatar Stefan says:

    I came to realize that when I drink green tea, i have a hard time going to sleep. I grow more and more tired and I have to drink more and more green tea.
    The joint pain increases gradually along with stomach pain.
    I wonder if the two are related.
    I actually got to the point where I felt one of my legs was longer than the other one and had trouble walking.
    Quiting green tea, and sleeping well again swelling disappeared and I am feeling just lile before. I did this a couple of times with the same effects.

  96. avatar Madison says:

    It’s because you’re not drinking hot/warm green tea and/or its a cheap or non organic tea. I have chronic joint pain but when I wake up in the morning and have a hot cup of green tea well a couple it helps a lot (plus yoga and light exercising helps too).

  97. avatar Rolf says:

    Interesting stuff. My thoughts on the topic are as follows.
    Body pain can be triggered by different things. When I am on a caffeine binge I have no pain in my body. But when I consume too little caffeine I suffer from caffeine withdrawal, which gives me body pain. For instance, I have recently, after a long caffeine break, started to drink one cup of coffee/tea with my breakfast. After feeling really great for 3-4 hours, around noon-time I start getting pain in my lower back. This pain disappears after a couple of hours and comes back again the next day at the same day.

    The nature of caffeine is that it is addictive, which makes us to have to slowly increase our consumption of it to feel good. If we drink too little of it, while we are on it, we feel withdrawal symptoms in the form of pain.

    Because of this phenomenon we will have to drink more and more of the stuff, which eventually will come to be a too hard a task to keep up with, with resulting painful withdrawal symptoms.

    I have tried decaf coffee, but experience the same thing with that, concluding that dacaf coffee is not completely caffeine free, but contains, albeit less caffeine than ordinary coffee, still quite a lot of caffeine.

    • avatar Rolf says:

      I have tried to drink green tea in the past, but did not like it. It tasted strange and tasted even stranger with added milk in it. I can relate to the pain many are talking about, because i used to get a somewhat uncomfortable headache when drinking it. The crux is most likely a too big and quick release of caffeine into our bodies. As mentioned earlier, milk does not suit green tea, which is a pity because milk makes the tea to release its caffeine at a slower rate than it would otherwise do. The fact that green tea probably contains a bit more caffeine than ordinary tea contributes further in giving us the quick low after the initial quick high that we get when we drink green tea. Likewise, green tea is usually drunk as a, stand alone, health drink, which worsens the caffeine rush even more, since food with tea is slowing down the caffeine release even further. Thus, too big and quick release of caffeine into our blood stream, from strong, stand alone tea, wrecks havoc with our bodies. I have conclude, anyway.

    • avatar Rolf says:

      “This pain disappears after a couple of hours and comes back again the next day at the same day”.

      This pain disappeared after a couple of hours and came back again the next day at the same time, again a few hours after my morning cup.

  98. avatar Melissa says:

    Hi! OMG You have no idea how I have been looking for this information, I have been suffering from horrible neck pain since almost 3 years ago. I went to every doctor and no one was able to cure me, except a Chiropractor on which I’ve spent a fortune and she cured me…that is, until I started drinking green coffee…an asian supplement to lose weight, it tastes just like coffee, suppresses your extreme hunger and gives you energy (I still eat though, just very healthy) but every time I’ve started drinking it my horrible neck pain comes back. I have not tried what you did but I will surely try starting tomorrow for a week and see if my neck pain resides….
    If anyone here has the same problem as me can you please share??

    • avatar Bee says:

      I totally know what you are going thru! Doctors and Chiropractors all have their place in our life. However, it has taken me several years of testing on ME to figure some things out. I know for a fact that when I think I need an adjustment, I can review what I have eaten in the previous twenty four hours and conclude what the culprit was. I wait it out and the pain is gone on its own, if I discontinue consumption of that particular food. If I continue to eat it, the pain does not subside as quickly.

      I totally believe in the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type by Dr D’Adamo! He has published over eighteen books. My favorite is the Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia. Near the back on page 495 you will find Blood Group Food Base which lists foods by category, then in columns you will find your blood type and whether that particular food is good for you or NOT.

      For those of you on this site regarding the muscle aches and cramps from Tea. I also maintain that each tea has a definite relationship with the way it is produced, using certain chemicals that are retained in the tea and being consumed into our bodies as we drink it. Choose wisely regarding the brands of the teas and coffees, just as you would in making sound judgments when purchasing any other foods for human consumption. Do your research!

      I have kept record for myself of foods and my body’s reaction to the ones I should not be eating. I have experienced extreme gas and bloating. I have had horrible upset stomach pains. I have experienced rashes and itching. I have gone thru headaches that many refer to as migraine. When I eat correctly, I have no headaches, no arthritis, no bloating or gas, no muscle aches, no back pain. . . I can now look at a food and make the decision based on how it will cause my body to react! And as a passing comment, I rarely take any medications for pain, when I eat right.

      It is amazing how well I am now feeling as I have proved to myself that the foods I might love are NOT worth the pain and aggravation of eating them. What a difference it has made in my everyday living. I have been able to also take off pounds as I am now eating what my blood type needs. Some may scoff and say how hard it is to change our eating habits. My only comment to that is by quoting the age old saying: “You are what you eat!”

      I am open to further comments, questions and discussion.

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  100. avatar Sandy says:

    An important article on green tea, fluoride and health effects is on this site.
    About halfway down it goes on specifically about Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and Other Bone Disorders! I was having joint pain-mainly in my knees & hips. Over the last 2 years I started drinking a lot of green tea. I bought whole leaf tea from China & Japan. I have always been health conscious and was a bit bummed out thinking at 52 it was either age or too much exercise. I thought it a bit odd as there was no family history of arthritis. About 3 weeks ago I went in for testing and everything came back normal. Then I googled and found the above article.
    Also the book “The Decaf Diet” has a chapter on tea and fluoride and its affect on the thyroid. Especially green tea! Apparently the tea plant Camelli sinensis readily takes up fluoride from the soil it grows in. Older leaves have more higher concentrations of fluoride than young leaves. A few of people commented that they were drinking Lipton Green Tea – is probably made from older leaves that are cheaper and have higher concentrations of fluoride. The young leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant – the spring leaves and buds are more costly. White tea has lower levels. My pain was the worst while I was drinking Matcha green tea which is basically whole powdered green tea leaves. Funny I switched to from coffee to green tea after reading about the “health benefits”. I will go back to coffee. I was not a big drinker but do like a little for a lift in the morning and midday. There is also a drink called Runa made from Guayusa Tea that I might try as it is a different plant than the green or black tea.

    • avatar Sandy says:

      The specific reference to Osteoporosis, Arthritis, and Other Bone Disorders is about halfway down the page by the way

      • avatar Sandy says:

        I wanted to update here as 3 weeks after I tested negative for Lyme I discovered a bullseye rash on my back and so began treatment for that. Have since heard that not all labs testing for lyme are accurate and wonder if I had a false negative and am now definitely thinking my joint pain more than likely was/is related to the lyme. I say this as I had been drinking green tea for about 4 years and it was not really until this spring that I had joint problems. For the most part I buy whole leaf green tea and read that the young leaves/buds is lower in fluoride from what I have read. I know everyone does not want to spend the money on whole leaf tea but there are ways to save money if you want to do it. I would avoid the cheaper brands of green tea/tea in general esp if you are having problems.

    • avatar Rolf says:

      In terms of flouride’s potential harmful effect on the body, Sandy. What is your suggestion about what is the best toothpaste to brush our teeth with?

      • avatar Sandy says:

        I use Tom’s Of Maine – they have toothpaste with & without fluoride. Most health/natural food stores have toothpaste without fluoride.

        • avatar Rolf says:

          I haven’t seen that particular brand of toothpaste before. Myself, I am using Grants toothpaste. How long have you been using ‘Toms Of Main’, if I may ask? I have been using Grants for about 2 -3 months. I have noticed that the the nerves in the teeth are kind of waking up. I don’t know if it is just me. Have you noticed something similar?

          I read on the net that fluoride is suppressing re-mineralisation of the teeth. However, a majority of “net-scientists” are stating that the opposite is true. Sometimes you don’t know what to believe. What is your opinion?

  101. avatar Sandy says:

    And thank you for starting this post as even though I had read /googled info it was not until I came upon this site and read personal stories that I made the decision to stop drinking tea and see if I felt better. So far it has only been two days but there is a lot less stiffness and aching in my joints. It is kind of hard to believe it could be so simple and attributed to the tea. Hard as I really love my sencha and green tea. Oh well if it is the tea maybe a cup every now and then will be okay. Will check in a few weeks and post how things are going.

  102. avatar Shary says:

    One possible explanation for tea “causing” joint pain… Most people who drink a lot of tea don’t drink enough plain water. Tea (or coffee) dehydrates, and cannot be substituted for water. Dehydration is a number one cause of joint pain, according to some doctors. A good rule of thumb is to divide your weight by 2, and that number is the amount of water, in ounces, that you should be drinking daily. For instance, if you weight 130, you should be drinking 65 ounces of water per day.

    • avatar Rolf says:

      Good point, Shary. To be careful with the dehydration aspect of various drinks is important. Partially for this reason, I drink weak black teas; 5-10 seconds steep. With a big splash of full cream milk (no sugar or sweetener). I have one cup with my muesli/hardboild egg (half of the yolk thrown away) breakfast. And one, or two cups during the rest of the day. Always with food, though, and never later than 4 o’clock.

  103. avatar Berdine says:

    So good to find your postings! Now I can add this “Green Tea” thing to the many items that cause me trouble. My husband has to be careful with low potassium in his system, which the lack of causes muscle cramps. After changing our food intake in June 2013, we have had wonderful changes. With so much talk of being healthy, we started drinking green tea in July, and I could not understand why with the better way of eating that he and I were both getting the muscle cramps. The “Green Tea” was the only common denominator for our dilemma! So I stopped drinking the green tea and my cramps are gone. Now I will eliminate the tea for my husband. Thanks for the information from you and others on your website.

    I would like to share some other information, for many people, drinking tea on a regular basis may cause incontinence. I have experimented for myself. With only a small amount of regular tea, I can hardly get to the bathroom in time. My husband’s Mother drank tea her entire life. I suggested that she stop drinking tea but she did not want to give it up. I found it interesting that she had four bladder surgeries to correct her incontinence. None worked! As previously mentioned, one should do without the suspected item for a few days, I prefer three weeks. Then sample the item again and note the results.

    Also, one might find great relief in the series of books “Eat Right For Your Blood Type” especially the one entitled Encyclopedia A to Z. What a difference this has made in my food intake.

    Thanks again for your postings!

  104. avatar Rick S says:

    I have found the exact same issues, as well. I can drink the cheaper black tea and experience no problems, but I get tired of the same old taste and all of the flavored teas seem to be green. I have experimented several times and like clockwork, the pain in my right shoulder, elbow and wrist starts back up. I, like you, just kept finding articles that green tea is good for your joints, but could see where there were searches for green tea causing joint pain. So we are obviously not alone. Thanks for the blog…

  105. avatar Sheryl Wolff says:


    Wow. I just got back from the doctor today because I’ve had sudden onset of total body aches and joint pain the past few months. As we discussed she asked what might be new and it was then that I remembered my new habit….Starbucks Venti iced green tea daily and sometimes refills! Then I googled green tea and pain and found your post. I sure hope I am as lucky as you and have found the issue. I am going cold turkey and hope that in a few days I’ll have my answer or at least on the road to recovery!

  106. avatar JAScribbles says:

    Hi gang – thanks for visiting my website and talking to others about green tea and joint pain. I just thought I’d let you know this post and all the comments will be moved to soon. I will post the exact link once it is up.



  107. avatar AshleyLala says:

    TEA AND COFFEE WERE WRECKING MY JOINTS! Since I was a kid, I’ve been prone to bone aches and joint pain, especially if it’s cloudy or it’s going to rain in a couple days. In my mid 20s it started getting worse and worse. My limbs (especially my legs n knees) ached so bad at night that I started taking Percocet a few times a week. I’ve become extremely health conscious so I’ve tried lots of things to help. I read about inflammation and alkaline diets, etc. Coffee is strongly acidic in the body (I think tea is too if I remember correctly) and once I cut it out, my aches and pains are about 90% better. I can’t believe how they are touted as being so good for u all the time! I feel like those drinks were killing me. Tea was also causing me to have kidney pain. When I want a tasty drink I do fresh grated ginger, hot water, squeeze of lime and a dash of stevia.

  108. avatar Jenna says:

    Hi gang, Jenna here, the ‘owner’ of this site. I talked about closing this site and moving the post over to a free website. But, so many people view this post and a few others.

    Request/favor – if you’d be willing to donate a little amount to me, I’d appreciate it so much. This site costs $10 a month to keep it up and running. That is the hosting fee per month.

    If you don’t want to donate, please ignore this post. If you could spare some… Pls send a donation to my Pay pal account – Pheebs3211 @ charter. Net

    Without the spaces.

    Thank you.

  109. avatar Emily says:

    I am so glad I found this blog. I have known for about 10 years that green tea made my joints hurt- to the point of barely being able to walk. If I cut green tea from my diet, the pain disappeared. I recently started feeling it again, and have linked it to Milos tea (even though their ingredients only say tea blend). So it is being cut out of my diet. I should be feeling better in about a week.

  110. avatar Sandy says:

    Hi Emily – I hope you will post an update to let us know how you are doing!

  111. avatar C says:

    Wow so glad I found this site! I TOO have been experiencing random joint pain out of nowhere in my fingers and now in my toes! I was just about to drink some green tea now and realized, wait a minute, its the only thing I’ve changed in my diet since the pain started! I’ve never had this problem ever! Thought maybe it was because I’m getting older. Think I will stay away from the green tea and see if that is the issue. Thanks for this post!

  112. avatar J says:

    I just did a search looking to see if there was a correlation between green tea and joint pain. I’m glad to have found your site which gives validation to what I suspected. Recently, I bought a monster-sized box of Kirkland Matcha tea. I bought it for the health benefits and it got great reviews. The first 2 times I tried the tea, I ended up with a slight headache, and had overall achiness. After a few weeks of not having any, I thought I would try it one last time. I had my 3rd cup yesterday, and had such bad pain in my knees that it hurt to walk. Good thing Costco has a great return policy. :)

  113. avatar cat says:

    I found this site because I was question exactly what you did about green tea causing joint pain. And like you found mainly sites saying that it was actually good for the bones. The thing is that I stop drinking coffee because I was drinking about 5 cups of day and sometimes I would feel horrible with symptoms including bone sensitivity and elbow joint pain, itchiness all over my body and would feel extremely restless and hyper but tired at the same time. So I stopped drinking coffee completely1 Never felt those symptoms again. However after 4 months of no coffee drinking, this week I started drinking green tea and today funny enough I had about 4 cups of green tea and am feeling those symptoms I used to when I had too much coffee. I’m left handed and feel pain in my left arm in particular my left elbow and just total skeleton sensitivity, so I think with me it really is caffeine not just green tea, I think!

  114. avatar Rebecca Whitehead says:

    Thanks so much. My story is similar to many that are already posted here. Now, I will continue the research regarding foods / things that aggravate stiff joints. These posts are so, very helpful. Thanks again.

    • avatar Bee says:

      I totally know what you are going thru! Doctors and Chiropractors all have their place in our life. However, it has taken me several years of testing on ME to figure some things out. I know for a fact that when I think I need an adjustment, I can review what I have eaten in the previous twenty four hours and conclude what the culprit was. I wait it out and the pain is gone on its own, if I discontinue consumption of that particular food. If I continue to eat it, the pain does not subside.
      I totally believe in the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type by Dr D’Adamo! He has published over eighteen books. My favorite is the Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia. Near the back on page 495 you will find Blood Group Food Base which lists foods by category, then in columns you will find your blood type and whether that particular food is good for you or NOT.
      For those of you on this site regarding the muscle aches and cramps from Tea. I also maintain that each tea has a definite relationship with the way it is produced, using certain chemicals that are retained in the tea and being consumed into our bodies as we drink it. Choose wisely regarding the brands of the teas and coffees, just as you would in making sound judgments when purchasing any other foods for human consumption. Do your research!
      I have kept record for myself of foods and my body’s reaction to the ones I should not be eating. I have experienced extreme gas and bloating. I have had horrible upset stomach pains. I have experienced rashes and itching. I have gone thru headaches that many refer to as migraine. When I eat correctly, I have no headaches, no arthritis, no bloating or gas, no muscle aches, no back pain. . . I can now look at a food and make the decision based on how it will cause my body to react! And as a passing comment, I rarely take any medications for pain, when I eat right.
      It is amazing how well I am now feeling as I have proved to myself that the foods I might love are NOT worth the pain and aggravation of eating them. What a difference it has made in my everyday living. I have been able to also take off pounds as I am now eating what my blood type needs. Some may scoff and say how hard it is to change our eating habits. My only comment to that is by quoting the age old saying: “You are what you eat!”
      I am open to further comments, questions and discussion.

  115. avatar Rhonda says:

    It’s funny I was searching online if green tea could make your joints ache and your site popped up. I have only recently started drinking herbal tea. I started with cinnamon and some others then added green tea. I have finished one pack of green tea and started noticing my right foot began hurting. It hurt in the arch then the ankle then the great toe. Then my right finger then my wrist started hurting. I had also added tumeric tea to my diet but have only been drinking that a couple of times. I’m gonna start excluding green tea from my diet and see if there’s any change. Thanks for your post.

  116. avatar Margaret says:

    Suffering from widespread joint pain for six months, struggling to get in and out of the bath, painful to walk, climb stairs. Pain in neck, hips, back, shoulders, elbows, hands, wrists, knees, ankles, feet. Doctor says it is osteoarthritis. It was so sudden that cannot be osteoarthritis! I started on a black and green tea blend about a month before the pain struck, but it has taken me until today to question whether it is the green tea causing the pain. Like many other people I thought green tea would be good for me. For the first time I searched online today to see if anybody says green tea causes joint pain. The last drink of green tea I had was this afternoon and having been fortunate to come across this helpful website I will switch to Rooibos and see if the pain fades away. Thanks for sharing the information!

  117. avatar Christina says:

    I had severe muscle pains all over my joints, muscles and they were extreme. I used to drink several cups of green tea every morning on top of a cup of coffee. I have stopped drinking green tea for three months now, and had no muscle or any other aches ever since. And, I sleep like a baby every night. I wish to share with the world of my years and years of unknown ache problems and let everyone know that drinking green tea is bad for you. It has the contrary effects from what they say about the benefits of green tea. I still have two to three cups of coffee a day.

  118. avatar Bee says:

    Hmmm… I’ve had chronic pain for years now. I was feeling better the past few months only to have a serious flare up the past few days. I started thinking the only real difference is that I’ve been drinking a lot of iced tea. So I did a search and this post came up.
    My whole chronic condition is not caused by tea, since I’m not a regular tea drinker. But thank you for posting this. I now see that tea is a possible trigger, and who knows what else. I’ve been avoiding doing an elimination diet because I feel like I have little willpower. But you’ve inspired me to try again. This pain is no walk in the park. ;)

    • avatar Bee says:

      I totally know what you are going thru! Doctors and Chiropractors all have their place in our life. However, it has taken me several years of testing on ME to figure some things out. I know for a fact that when I think I need an adjustment, I can review what I have eaten in the previous twenty four hours and conclude what the culprit was. I wait it out and the pain is gone on its own, if I discontinue consumption of that particular food. If I continue to eat it, the pain does not subside.

      I totally believe in the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type by Dr D’Adamo! He has published over eighteen books. My favorite is the Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia. Near the back on page 495 you will find Blood Group Food Base which lists foods by category, then in columns you will find your blood type and whether that particular food is good for you or NOT.

      I also maintain that each tea has a definite relationship with the way it is produced, using certain chemicals that are retained in the tea and being consumed into our bodies as we drink it. Choose wisely regarding the brands of the teas and coffees, just as you would in making sound judgments when purchasing any other foods for human consumption. Do your research!

      I have kept record for myself of foods and my body’s reaction to the ones I should not be eating. I have experienced extreme gas and bloating. I have had horrible upset stomach pains. I have experienced rashes and itching. I have gone thru headaches that many refer to as migraine. When I eat correctly, I have no headaches, no arthritis, no bloating or gas, no muscle aches, no back pain. . . I can now look at a food and make the decision based on how it will cause my body to react! And as a passing comment, I rarely take any medications for pain, when I eat right.

      It is amazing how well I am now feeling as I have proved to myself that the foods I might love are NOT worth the pain and aggravation of eating them. What a difference it has made in my everyday living. I have been able to also take off pounds as I am now eating what my blood type needs. Some may scoff and say how hard it is to change our eating habits. My only comment to that is by quoting the age old saying: “You are what you eat!”

      I am open to further comments, questions and discussion.

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